Summer nails

Pool side

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guyssss :) okay soooo im deff not a nail artist, I just like having my nails w/ cute colors and designs ^.^ Here is a summery design w/ neon colors! hope u guys like it :D ooohh and at first it looks kinda mhmmmm bad? but its actually really cute ^^

Holaaaaaaa chic@s! Ok soo no soy super buenisima pintandome las uñas, pero me gusta tenerlas siempre arregladas y pintadas :) Aqui les dejo un diseño supero chevere para el verano con colores neones :D espero que les guste!! ammmm y al principio se ve medio feito pero es muy lindo en verdad ^^

First, I used a white base from
SinfulColors Professional.
"Snow me white"

Second, I put a little green dot from 
China Glaze.
"Kiwi Cool-ada"

Third, do the same thing u did w/ the green but with the fuchsia from
 China Glaze 
"Pool Part"
& girls it doesnt matter if it looks kinda messed up haha thats the whole point ;) It'll look waaayy better at the end ^^

Then, same thing I did w/ the green and fuchsia, u'll do w/ the yellow from 
China Glaze.
"Yellow Polka Dot Bikni"

& last but not least, the black zebra stripes from
Nail Art.
"Black Sketch".
The zebra stripes are waaayy to easy to do bcus they dont need to be super straight so its okay if they look a little messed up ^^ jiji

& we are done :) again guys Im not a nail artist soo Im sorry if it lookes a little messed up sometimes but I tried that the design looked kinda decent for u guys ^.~ lol


  1. Hi,
    Cool nails I love the green one. good work.
    I have just joined your blog.
    See u later
    besos from Spain

  2. Que belleza tus uñas! :D
    Me encantan ^^

  3. Great design I love it.
    Lovely blog following you :)

    Sam xx